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Andaman7, the first PHR to support Patients - Hospitals/Care providers - Researchers

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  • Andaman7, the first PHR to support Patients - Hospitals/Care providers - Researchers

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    Andaman7 ( was created in 2014 to significantly improve communication between healthcare professionals and patients, contribute to better and faster medical research and empower patients all over the world. Based in the USA and in Belgium, the company is currently linked to two JLABS locations: JLabs SF / Bay Area and JLabs Europe, and is actively involved in the interopEHRate project.

    Andaman7 is a free mobile app (smartphones / tablets & Android / iOS) which gives users access to their medical data at any time, without requiring an Internet connection. The app is available in 22 languages and provides various services (peer-to-peer data exchange, PHR, monitoring of medical parameters, etc.). The app is GDPR / HIPAA compliant. For patients’ privacy and the global system’s security, as no medical data is stored in the Cloud. Andaman7 follows the principles of “Privacy by default and security by design”.

    Andaman7 is also the first HIP (Health Intermediation Platform™) which offers several services to the healthcare community: secure health information exchange, care pathways, home hospitalization management, remote patient monitoring, etc. Use cases: we have implemented successful partnerships with hundreds of American and European hospitals and labs, where they automatically send their patients their medical data to the Andaman7 app.

    Finally, Andaman7 also provides solutions for medical research: focus on clinical studies (phases 2, 3, 4, PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes), RWE (Real World Evidence collection), eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments), QoL studies (Quality Of Life), Returning Data to Patients, Patient Recruitment, ...).

    In short, Andaman7 is the preferred platform for all health actors (care and research) to interact with patients, at the data level and more.

    Below in green, you will find the current services and capabilities of the Andaman7 platform (based on examples of twinnings):

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TwinningExamples2.png Views:	1 Size:	792.8 KB ID:	84

    We would like to act as an "Originator" of our Andaman7 platform, looking for other EU Member State "Adopters" who are looking to:
    • Giving their patients a secure access to their medical data,
    • Developing solutions for patients, providers and researchers such as continuity of care, remote monitoring, trial recruiting and data collection etc.

    We are looking for two types of twinnings: partial adoption or full adoption / acquisition.

    Do not hesitate to contact us! Reach us at
    Download the app (iOS) -
    Download the app (Android) -
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