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“En Buena Edad: Promotion of active and healthy aging through digital solutions"

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  • “En Buena Edad: Promotion of active and healthy aging through digital solutions"

    The purpose of the project 'En buena edad' is the promotion of active and healthy aging in the autonomous community of Andalusia. An ICT platform (information and communication technology) has been developed to establish communication with elderly, professionals and families through the Internet, email and the ‘Salud Responde’ app.
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    The Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, through the General Directorate of Socio-health Care, leads the project.

    The project consists of the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a virtual platform for health and social services professionals as well as professionals from other areas (education, justice, planning, ...),public and private companies related to the sector and associations of older people as well citizens in general, where all of them can interact The platform enables and gives support to activities related to active aging such as: training activities for professionals, specific groups and / or citizens which will promote the necessary skills; dissemination of good practices detected; information needed for collaboration and alliances building with public and private entities working in this area. Common interests are shared, contributing to knowledge management through the dissemination of available evidence and to progress in the search for solutions to emerging problems and issues in relation to active ageing.

    Between the last quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, the participatory design phase of the digital platform ('Desing thinking' methodology) has been completed. More than 400 people have participated in design in three different ways: - Scientific Committee: representatives of Comprehensive Plans and Strategies of the Public Health System of Andalusia (Regional Ministry of Health of Andalusia) - Partnerships Committee: 29 public and privates institutions represented - Provincials Meetings: 363 people participates representing citizens, institutions, and other sectors. - More information: http://encuentros.envejecimientosano...s-provinciales . During July-August 2017, is contracting the services for the design and implementation of the digital platform on which this project is based, as well as the first content packages. In 2018 the platform was launched:

    Through the platform, the Ministry of Health and Families makes available to the public information, offered by specialists in various areas, on the four pillars of healthy aging: health, safety, participation and learning throughout the lifetime.

    • During the first semester of 2019 (from January 1 to June 30, 2019), the platform received 81,858 visits (data as of June 30, 2019).
    • In total, 16,945 people have accessed the platform during this period. (Source Google Analytics).
    • Since its launch on April 30, 2018 until June 30, 2019, the platform has received a total of 249,505 visits and a total of 35,478 users have accessed it.
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    dear Ms. Carriazo, do you plan to submit a proposal in the framework of the twinning program (deadline 7/8/2019)? And if you do what is the objecitve of the proposal and which type of partners are you searching for?